Monday, April 30, 2012


Job Hunting, For me has being an all encompassing Experience.with lot and lots of exercises.
Job Hunting exercise could be pleasant or very Unpleasant  as the case maybe,as Some Ghost/fake/Un realistic firms extort money from candidates in the name of linking them up to their dream Job. the experience in question depends on the approach, procedure as well as the method /strategies Employed.

The following are some of JOB HUNTING TIPS:

1)A Job Hunter should always be able to identify the area of industry that suits his interest,where he can adequately fit in.(That is to say,if his interest lies with Communication Industry, Manufacturing,Banking,Sales, marketing, Oil & Gas etc)

2)A Job Hunter should be able to package/prepare his CV/Resume to adquately fit in his dream Job Search and ensures he also gets some qualification in that Regards to boost his chances of being shortlisted/accepted. For Example if he decides to build his career in Accounting Industry, should look out for certificates like ICAN etc

3) A Job Hunter should always be on the lookout(That is to say a Job Hunter should always be ready to embrace new information as Regarding his Dream Job search)Be it Online(Internet or Via Newspapers)

4)A Job Hunter should have a positive altitude towards his search and not easily get discouraged over previous disappointments/Rejections.

5)A Job Hunter should always be ready(study)so as not be found wanting when the dream company eventually calls for an interview/Test

6) A Job Hunter should always browse for information about the  firm/company of interest to enable one get relevant updates of vacancies etc

7) A Job Hunter should also subscribe to some relevant online Jobseekers/search to get relevant information/updates about new Jobs etc.

I Wish You Best Of Luck In Your Job Hunt/search.

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