Monday, April 30, 2012


The following are some Job Hunting Advice

1) Always Google about any Job advert before applying to get full details of the company information as well as Objectives

2) Do not under any Circumstance Pay for a Job Search, as Job OFFRS ought to be free and fair

3) Always do a search about any company that seems not to be very clear or known that you intend applying for.

4)Ensure that your CV/RESUME as well as Application/Motivation Letters is in line with your job search Requirements and if need be try to acquire more skill, qualification and Experience in the particular area of Job search you are interested in to boost your chances of being shortlisted.

5) Always be on the lookout for a new job Information/Update Via Newspaper and also Subscribe to an Internet Job Alert to keep Informed.

6) A Job Hunter should not be easily Discouraged, He should be focused, determined and Resilient as “Winners don’t Quit and Quitters don’t Win”.

7)Finally (Study to Show yourself approved)Knowledge is Key and Power, so always try to be current with and outside your environment, and above all, Study to get yourself acquainted and be prepared for your dream job interview/Test.

In some cases, some people have had some awful experience during job Hunting as they were scammed in the course and some amount of money are being extorted  for Recommendation Letter, Application Fee  etc. Please do not fall Victim to any of the Above Circumstance  as a “stitch in Time Saves Nine”.

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